Plumstead High School: about us

Plumstead High School was founded in 1958, and thus has seen more than fifty years of existence and service. Originally it was very much a local community school, but now it serves learners from different areas. The School has always drawn learners from very diverse socio-economic backgrounds with a wide range of academic abilities.

Formerly a Model-C school, Plumstead was the first school in the Western Cape to open its doors to learners of all races. Indeed, in 2003 Plumstead was given an award in recognition of its racial transformation.

Despite its limited financial resources Plumstead High School has always striven to give its learners the best possible, relevant education. The parent body through the Governing Body provides fourteen educators (in addition to those funded by the State) to ensure that the learners have the best opportunities possible as regards their choice of subjects and class size.

The School also has a computer centre with approximately forty computers for the learners to use, and there are also nine computers in the Library for the learners’ use. Thus learners can acquire basic computer skills and have access to the vast, inviting world of the internet. In spite of the ongoing costs associated with a computer centre, this is viewed as a necessity as many of our learners’ homes do not have a computer. In this regard the School is grateful for the assistance of some of its Past Pupils and the Khanya Project.

Plumstead High School has always had an emphasis on community involvement and service. Its Interact Club was the first in Southern Hemisphere, and there are two other service organizations: SHOES (Sisters Helping Others Enrich (and) Succeed ) & BOOTS (Boys Offering Others Their Services). These offer a practical vehicle for putting into effect  the School’s motto: Non Nobis (Not for ourselves).

Over the last 50 years much has changed; but Plumstead is still serving its community.

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